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Can I see a family therapist on my own?

Yes. Family therapists can see children and adults on their own, or with other family members. Sometimes they offer a mixture of individual and family appointments, if they think that will be useful. Family therapists can also work with couples. Seeing a family therapist together can help people to understand and support each other better.

When is family therapy helpful?

Family Therapy is useful for families and relationships that are facing all kinds of difficulties and experiences, such as:

  • Families, couples, and individuals who want to build closer and happier relationships
  • Families or individuals facing special challenges like mental illness, physical illness, bereavement, ageing, family conflicts, cultural adjustments, external marital affairs, etc
  • Young adults facing challenges such as family conflicts, relationship issues, emotional and personal growth concerns;
  • Families who are worried about their children’s behaviour.
  • Parents who want to divorce or separate in a way that focus on their children’s happiness and needs;
  • Any family who would like someone to help them talk about difficult things together in a way that’s safe, open, creative and useful.